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A Lifetime of Service: John and Paul Heath's Impact on Sneyd Ceramics

Pictured from left to right are John Culshaw, Technical Director of Sneyd Ceramics, brothers and Joint Managing Directors John and Paul Heath, and Financial Director Debbie Smith.

In a heartwarming testament to dedication and family legacy, John and Paul Heath, brothers and Joint MDs of Sneyd Ceramics, boast a combined 116 years of service to their family firm. At the ages of 78 and 73, they are embarking on a semi-retirement journey but will continue to steer the ship as the company undergoes a restructure.

Their unwavering commitment to their craft and customers ensures a smooth transition as they scale back their hours, welcoming new family members and Directors into the company. Sneyd Ceramics, with roots dating back to 1875, remains an enduring presence in the pottery industry, with John and Paul's legacy living on as they pass the torch to the next generation of family talent and leadership. For the full story, read the article on the Daily Focus:



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