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Price Drop on Raw Materials!

We’re rolling out substantial price reductions across a wide range of our raw materials. This is a fantastic opportunity for all ceramic artists, from hobbyists to professionals, to stock up and save on essential supplies.

What Does This Mean for You?

Lower prices mean more materials for your money! It’s the perfect time to experiment with new techniques, try different materials, or even scale up your production without the added financial strain. From our high-quality clays and feldspars to our vibrant colouring oxides, our inventory is now more accessible than ever.

Explore and Experiment

With reduced costs, you can afford to push the boundaries of your ceramic art. Try integrating new materials into your work, experiment with different glaze formulas, or finally tackle those larger projects you've been dreaming about. Our extensive range of raw materials is perfect for exploring new textures and finishes.

Our Commitment

At Sneyd Ceramics, we’re committed to supporting the ceramic community by providing high-quality materials at the most competitive prices. We hope these price reductions will help you continue to create incredible art without compromise.


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