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(Leadless) Firing Range 1100°C - 1180°C


Green Reactive - by Sneyd Ceramics:

Introducing "Green Reactive," a vibrant addition to our basic range of mid-temperature glazes, meticulously crafted by Sneyd Ceramics. This glaze captures the lush and lively essence of green, making it an excellent choice for artists seeking to infuse their ceramics with natural beauty and vibrancy. Here's why "Green Reactive" stands out as a top option for your pottery:


Vibrant Green Hues:

"Green Reactive" offers a stunning spectrum of green tones that breathe life into your ceramic pieces. Whether you're aiming for a fresh and natural look or bold and vibrant designs, this glaze has you covered.


Versatile Application:

This glaze is highly versatile and accommodates various application methods. Whether you prefer hand-dipping, spraying, or painting, you can achieve the desired effects. For spraying, adjust the water ratio slightly, and for painting, use our painting medium at a ratio of 100 parts dry glaze to 85 parts liquid medium for precise control.


Hand-Dipped Beauty:

Immersing your ceramics in "Green Reactive" by hand-dipping ensures consistent and beautifully coated pieces. Witness as it transforms your creations into vibrant works of art, each radiating the lushness of green.


Ideal for Artistic Expression:

"Green Reactive" is a fantastic choice for artists looking to add intricate details and artistic flair to their ceramics. Combine it with our painting medium to achieve the precision and control needed for your creative visions.


Designed for Mid-Temperature Firing:

Formulated specifically for mid-temperature firing, "Green Reactive" ensures your ceramics maintain their vibrant green hues even at mid-range firing temperatures.


Limitless Creative Opportunities:

Mix and match "Green Reactive" with other mid-temperature glaze colors to craft custom shades that resonate with your unique artistic voice. Explore endless creative possibilities with this versatile glaze.


Safety First

Data Sheets are available for one or more of these product items. For detailed information and peace of mind, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. We are here to provide you with the information you need to create confidently and safely.

44-4338 - Green Reactive

  •  Leadless Glaze does not contain more than 0.5% by dry weight of lead compound calculated as lead monoxide (PbO)