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(Leadless) Firing Range 1200°C - 1280°C


Metallic Pewter - by Sneyd Ceramics:

Introducing "Metallic Pewter" from our basic range of high-temperature glazes – a transformative glaze that infuses your ceramics with the captivating allure of metallic pewter. Discover the myriad shades and possibilities that await.


Gleaming Sophistication:

Metallic Pewter is your gateway to infusing your ceramic creations with the gleaming sophistication of pewter. This glaze imparts a metallic sheen and an array of stunning gray tones, reminiscent of the timeless elegance of this cherished metal.


Endless Creativity:

Whether you're an experienced ceramic artist or a budding enthusiast, Metallic Pewter invites you to explore your creativity. Experiment with different firing temperatures and application techniques to achieve various effects, making it an ideal choice for artists seeking versatility.


A Touch of Heritage:

Metallic Pewter authentically mimics the luster of pewter, invoking a sense of heritage and tradition. Your ceramics will exude an air of timeless beauty, reminiscent of heirloom pieces cherished for generations.


Exceptional Durability:

Crafted to withstand high-temperature firings, Metallic Pewter ensures that your ceramics maintain their metallic finish without compromising structural integrity. Count on Sneyd Ceramics for glazes that stand the test of time.


Limitless Potential: While our product image showcases Metallic Pewter at a specific firing temperature, this glaze invites you to explore boundless creative opportunities. Blend it with other glazes, experiment with layering techniques, or use it to accentuate details – the choice is yours.


Sneyd Ceramics Excellence:

With a legacy of ceramic expertise spanning over a century, Sneyd Ceramics is synonymous with quality and innovation. Our commitment to delivering top-quality glazes guarantees that each batch of Metallic Pewter meets our rigorous standards.


Safety First

Data Sheets are available for one or more of these product items. For detailed information and peace of mind, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. We are here to provide you with the information you need to create confidently and safely.

55-4391 - Metallic Pewter

  • Leadless Glaze does not contain more than 0.5% by dry weight of lead compound calculated as lead monoxide (PbO)