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(Leadless) Firing Range 1200°C - 1280°C


Sunset - by Sneyd Ceramics:

Introducing "Sunset," a breathtaking addition to our basic range of high-temperature glazes, expertly crafted by Sneyd Ceramics. This glaze captures the mesmerizing hues of a sun-kissed horizon, offering your ceramics a canvas bathed in the warm, vibrant colors of dusk.


Unpredictable Brilliance:

Just like a sunset never unfolds the same way twice, Sunset glaze revels in the unpredictability of high-temperature firing. Watch in awe as your ceramics emerge with distinct patterns and textures, reminiscent of the ever-changing sky.


Limitless Creativity:

While our product image showcases Sunset at a specific ratio, the possibilities are boundless. Experiment with different application techniques and firing temperatures to unlock a world of creative opportunities, each one as unique as the day's final light.


Durability in Elegance:

Crafted for high-temperature firing, Sunset not only enhances the visual appeal of your ceramics but also ensures their longevity. Whether you're creating functional pieces or decorative art, this glaze combines artistic finesse with lasting durability.


Celebrate Uniqueness:

Sunset pays homage to the uniqueness of each firing. Revel in the delightful unpredictability that renders each piece one-of-a-kind. Let this glaze inspire your artistic journey and transform your ceramics into exceptional treasures.


Sneyd Ceramics Excellence:

At Sneyd Ceramics, we bring innovation and quality to every product. Sunset exemplifies our commitment to providing artists with glazes that elevate their craft. Trust in our expertise to turn your ceramics into radiant works of art.


Safety First

Data Sheets are available for one or more of these product items. For detailed information and peace of mind, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. We are here to provide you with the information you need to create confidently and safely.

51-3452 - Sunset

  • Leadless Glaze does not contain more than 0.5% by dry weight of lead compound calculated as lead monoxide (PbO)