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(Zr) - Body & Slip Stains for Firing at 1000 - 1250°C


SC949 - White - by Sneyd Ceramics:

White in our ceramic stains collection is a timeless and essential shade, meticulously developed for firing at temperatures ranging from 1000 to 1250°C. This classic stain offers a pure, crisp white that is the hallmark of elegance and simplicity in ceramic art. Its ability to provide a clean base makes it ideal for a variety of applications, whether as a standalone shade or as a foundation for other colours. Particularly popular among ceramists and artists, this colour is essential for creating contrasting designs, detailed patterns, or achieving a minimalist aesthetic. White serves as a blank canvas, inviting creativity and providing a serene backdrop that highlights the beauty of any accompanying hues or the natural texture of the clay itself.


Safety First

Your safety is our priority. Data Sheets are available for one or more of these product items. For detailed information and peace of mind, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. We are here to provide you with the information you need to create confidently and safely.


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SC949 - White